Premises liability lawyer

Have you been injured in a slip and fall or trip and fall at a business property? The injuries that can be suffered from a slip and fall incident due to a property owner’s failure to correct a hazard or adequately warn of an existing risk can be severe. Stephen L. Chung, Esquire, understands how serious these injuries can be and works diligently to protect the rights of slip and fall victims and their families.

Premises liability lawyer

Insurance Companies Fight Premises Liability Claims

Stephen L. Chung, Esquire, is a former insurance defense attorney and understands the tactics these companies often employ in an attempt to pay out a minimal amount or none at all. The insurance companies might try to blame you for your injuries, saying you were inattentive or careless. They also may claim that your injuries are not as severe as you claim they are. Your medical history may be examined at great length as the insurance company tries to find another cause of your injury.

Mr. Chung will work diligently to get the full and fair compensation you deserve for your premises liability injury. He often works with several experts to establish the severity of his clients’ injuries, establish liability and prove damages. He will investigate your case thoroughly, preserving any evidence available and identifying witnesses. Mr. Chung has obtained millions of dollars for his clients in personal injury cases because of his tenacity, his persuasive advocacy, and innovative legal arguments.

Three Classes of Visitors

A property owner can be held liable for injuries suffered on his or her property if the owner should have known that a hazardous condition existed. Commercial property owners are responsible for conducting reasonable inspections to discover and identify dangerous conditions. There are three classes of visitors that affect the scope of duty that property owners have. This includes:

  • Invitees: A person who is invited on the premises to engage in business activities is a business invitee. A public invitee is someone who visits the property when it is open to the public. Property owners have the highest standard of care to invitees.
  • Licensees: A licensee enters the property with the owner’s permission, but not for the benefit of the proprietor. An example is a social guest. The property owner has a duty to a licensee to warn him or her of dangerous or hazardous conditions that the licensee is not likely to discover.
  • Trespassers: The duty of care that a property owner owes a trespasser is minimal; however, he or she is not allowed to intentionally, wantonly or willfully cause harm to a trespasser.

Immediately After a Slip and Fall Incident

If you suffer a slip and fall or trip and fall, it is important that you report the incident to the property owner or the management. An accident report should be completed, and you should get a copy of it. We will recommend that you immediately seek medical attention. Report all of your symptoms and make sure to follow through on any tests, exams or physical therapy the doctor orders.

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Premises liability attorney Steven Chung is an excellent legal advocate and has built his reputation around his carefully prepared cases. He uses his position of strength to negotiate the fullest possible settlements for his clients.