If you have been injured in a car accident, hiring a lawyer is a wise decision. Many accident victims need a lawyer to help them get a fair settlement. At this point, you may start to wonder – how can a car accident lawyer help you?

Car accident lawyers know how to negotiate with the insurance company to get the best outcome in a car accident claim. They organize and analyze pertinent evidence and documents to ensure their clients receive compensation covering medical expenses, lost wages, and other incident-related expenses.

Let’s take a closer look at the role and responsibilities of a car accident attorney, as well as the types of accidents these lawyers handle.

The Importance of Car Accident Lawyers

Over the years, the importance of auto accident lawyers has increased rapidly, which is not surprising with the increased number of vehicles on the roads. For example, the number of vehicles on the roads in 1990 was around 193 thousand, increasing to 276 thousand in 2019. As a result, the number of automobile accidents has also increased significantly.

The legal jurisprudence and laws also had to evolve over the years. Significant changes needed to be made to protect the rights of individuals that drive every day. Auto accident attorneys have a vital role in making our roads safer, and they strive to ensure public rights are held in the highest echelon in the court of law.

What is an Auto Accident Attorney?

Car accident attorneys have a vital role in our fast-paced society. If you have been injured in a vehicle crash caused by another driver, only an experienced attorney can help you.

Auto accident attorneys provide legal assistance to victims of vehicle collisions who have been injured due to another driver’s negligence or who claim their property has been damaged in an accident.

In many cases, accident victims don’t get fair compensation, and that’s where car accident lawyers step in. Victims often accept unfair settlements offered by insurance companies because they don’t have a lawyer by their side. Unfortunately, these settlements are usually not high enough to cover medical expenses, lost income, and other accident-related expenses.

Car accident attorneys will work hard to ensure you receive proper compensation to cover the financial burdens that occurred due to the accident. This may include payment to support lost wages, medical expenses, damages to your car, property, or some other entity. The focus is on ensuring you receive a settlement figure that will cover your losses.

What Does A Car Accident Lawyer Do?

If you decide to hire a lawyer to help you after a vehicle accident, you can expect to receive assistance during the entire process, from start to finish. During the initial interview, your attorney will go through a laundry list of questions to get a thorough insight into your situation. These clues are quite versatile, and they are formulated to cover the endless possibilities of inevitable circumstances and predicaments that could be involved in your case.

Your lawyer will provide knowledge of the law and procedural rules, brief you of your rights, the potential outcomes of your case, explain what you can expect from personal injury claims and similar.

Another responsibility of a car accident attorney is to obtain evidence to support your claim. This process includes gathering and analyzing police reports, gathering medical records, talking to witnesses, evaluating lost wages, and similar. These pieces of evidence are collected to substantiate the claims and help build up a legitimate argument in your favor. A knowledgeable and experienced attorney will ensure no stone was left unturned during this process.

After filing the necessary claim forms, your attorney will handle communications with insurance companies. Insurance companies are known to try their best and do whatever it takes to avoid a payout. Luckily, a lawyer will help level the playing field and ensure you come away with the compensation that fits your situation.

Finally, if it comes to this, and the insurance companies don’t take the legal liability of previously agreed agreements, your lawyer will file the proper paperwork to go to court. Vehicle accident cases are rarely taken to court, but it is sometimes necessary for the victims to get a fair settlement.

Car Accident Attorneys Vs. Personal Injury Attorneys

You should be aware that these professions are quite similar. The only difference is that a car accident attorney specializes in one facet as opposed to general personal injury claims.

Both attorneys focus on tort law, defending the client’s rights, and helping them get the compensation they need to pay medical bills and cover lost wages. Also, these attorneys defend their clients against bigger corporations and companies with deep pockets – usually insurance companies. Their goal is to make the at-fault party do the right thing and cover the victim’s damages.

However, auto accident attorneys concentrate on helping people who were injured in car accidents. Their specialty is handling auto accident cases. If you were involved in a car crash, they are a better choice compared to a general personal injury attorney.

Types of Accidents a Car Accident Attorney Can Handle

  • Automobile Accidents – Auto accident lawyers can handle cases involving various types of vehicles. However, the most common cases are those involving car accidents, which is not surprising considering the number of cars on the roads. According to some estimates, around seven million car crashes happen a year, which results in many cases on a daily basis.
  • Motorcycle Accidents – The second most common type of vehicle accident includes motorcycle accidents. They involve harsher parameters, including minimal to no safety, and usually have more serious consequences than car accidents.
  • Industrial Machinery and Semi-Trucks – Finally, truck accidents are the third most common group, and they involve heavy industrial vehicles and machinery. No matter the type of vehicle accident you have been involved in, a car accident attorney will use their expertise to settle the negotiation and get the best possible outcome for your claim.