Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries: Construction Site Accident Lawyers

The number of construction accidents declined in recent years because of the slowdown in new home construction during the recession and the collapse of the real estate bubble. As the construction segment of the economy has bounced back, the number of individuals in the construction trades facing the risk of serious injury also has started to rebound to prior levels. Construction consistently ranks at or near the top of all occupations by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as one of the most dangerous occupations.

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Philadelphia work accident lawyer Steven Chung represents people in all building trades, including electricians, drywall installers, ironworkers, pipefitters, heavy machinery operators, HVAC workers, plumbers, truck drivers, welders and all other workers in construction occupations. Employee occupational injuries and illnesses experienced by individuals who work on commercial and residential building projects can be severe, including broken bones, fractures, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries, back and neck injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, blindness and other injuries that cause prolonged periods of incapacity and even permanent disability.

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When employees are injured on building projects because of hazardous conditions or they suffer serious occupational illnesses because of exposure to toxic or caustic chemicals, immediate action is necessary to protect their rights and remedies. Construction worksites are dynamic constantly changing environments with a multitude of hazards and many different parties that may be performing work today but disappear tomorrow. Steven Chung conducts prompt investigations of construction accidents before physical evidence is altered or destroyed or witnesses who work for companies performing work on construction projects vanish.

Construction work accident lawyer Steven Chung can assist you with the technical process of preparing your workers compensation paperwork. He can guide you through the workers compensation claim process and handle communications with your employer and its workers compensation carrier. When the insurance company denies procedures and care that your doctor says is medically necessary or your employer refuses to respect limited duty requirements, Mr. Chung can protect your interest and rights within the workers compensation system.

Although workers compensation benefits offer the promise of immediate benefits based on an efficient no fault system, Mr. Chung can explore the circumstances of your workplace mishap to identify potential third party defendants. The workers compensation system provides an exclusive remedy for injuries and occupational illnesses against an employer, but the civil litigation system provides more extensive damages. Mr. Chung will work with construction industry experts to identify potential defendants and investigate potential grounds for liability of third parties.

Workers Compensation Benefits in Construction Accident Claims

Most Pennsylvania employers have workers compensation insurance. If you are injured on a construction project, you are entitled to benefits from your employer’s workers compensation insurance carrier even if your employer was not negligent. In fact, construction workers usually qualify for benefits even if their own negligence caused or contributed to their injury with limited exceptions. The rationale for providing benefits under these circumstances is that the workers compensation system is designed to offer fast and efficient access to limited benefits for individuals injured on the job.

Some of the most common types of accidents on construction jobs include being struck by motor vehicles or heavy equipment, falls from elevations, trip and falls and accident involving being struck by objects. Benefits that might be available if you are injured by a hazardous condition on a construction site can include death benefits or the following based on your situation:

Medical Benefits: This includes necessary medical care directly related to your original injury or illness that occurred on your job. The medical expenses covered include but are not limited to diagnostic tests, medications, surgical procedures, medication, mileage to doctor’s appointments and more.

Temporary Wage Benefits: An injured employee does not become available for cash benefits for the first seven days after suffering an injury unless the employee remains unable to work for at least fourteen days. As long as you are temporarily disabled for at least fourteen days, your wage benefits will begin to accrue from the first day you are unable to return to work. The wage benefits amount to 2/3 of your weekly wage multiplied by the percentage of disability subject to an upper cap. If you suffer temporary total disability, you are entitled to 2/3 your weekly wage until you are able to return to normal duties up to the allowable maximum amount.

Permanent Disability Benefits: If you suffer permanent disability, you might be entitled to partial or total permanent disability benefits. These are calculated by multiplying the designated value for the body part that is injured by the percentage of disability based on the doctor’s evaluation. An experienced workers compensation attorney can protect your interest regarding the determination of any permanent disability award.

Pursuing Personal Injury Lawsuits against Negligent Third Parties on Construction Sites

While you are limited to workers compensation benefits when pursuing a workplace injury claim against your employer, Mr. Chung routinely investigates the circumstance of workplace accidents to identify responsible third parties. Other parties performing work on the project might be liable if their failure to exercise reasonable care for the safety of others caused your injury. These individuals and the companies for whom they are employed also might be strictly liable for violation of OSHA standards or other workplace safety laws. If you are injured by a defective tool or defective heavy machinery, you might have a right to pursue a product liability claim against the manufacture of the equipment. Some of the damages that you might be able to pursue in your civil lawsuit include pain and suffering, disfigurement, loss of consortium, emotional distress, punitive damages and/or other damages depending on the specific circumstances of your case.

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